Behavior and Class Rules for Room 406

  • Each year our classes follow guidelines to be great students, classmates, and human beings! Here are room 406's tried and true rules that make for a great year: 

    *Use kind and gentle words to peers and your teachers.

    *Keep hands and feet to oneself at all times.

    *Work your heart out at all times. (Work at your OWN personal best-100%)

    *Complete assignments and homework in a timely manner.


    Consequences of Excellent Behavior 

    - A firm handshake for a job well done. 

    - Marlin Tickets- fabulous prizes!

    -Superstar Tickets- Mrs. Yesland will catch people being superstars! A raffle ticket with that person's name is placed in a bucket.  Drawings weekly for fabulous prizes!

    -Note or call home.

    Unfortunate Consequences

    - 3 verbal warnings with the final warning resulting in a conduct mark.

    - 2 conduct marks in one day results in lost recess that day or the next day.

    - call home, note home

    - office referral