•      How do I get a transcript? 
            For CURRENT students, complete this google form:
            For FORMER students, complete this google form.
            Most transcripts will be sent electronically.  
            Transcripts are typically available/sent within 48 hours.
    • How do I read my transcript?

            This should help with reading an AHS and ACC transcript.



    • How do I get my GPA and class rank?
             Class rank can be found in skyward.  When viewing grades in skyward,
            click on the "GPA/Class Rank" link.  
    • How do I get my VOE for my driver's license/learner's permit?

            Request your VOE from your attendance clerk.  Your attendance office can be found here.  VOE's take 48 hours to process.

    • How do I change my schedule?
           Per District Policy:

    Student course selections determine how the school master schedule is built, how faculty is hired, and how room assignments are made.  Your course selections are your commitments to the courses.  

    After the start of school, schedule changes will only be considered based on the following circumstances:

    • The student is a senior not yet scheduled in a class needed for graduation.
    • The student has already earned credit for a course that they are currently scheduled.
    • The student does not meet the prerequisite requirement for the course. 
    • The student was dismissed from a program in which approval must be granted.  

    Please note:

    1. Submission of a change request does not guarantee approval for schedule change. Approval or denial may be based on the conditions above, student’s intended graduation plan, endorsement, and seat availability in the replacement course. Student must follow current schedule until notified that a change has been made.
    2. Pre-AP and AP students may petition to move from an advanced class to a regular-level class per the Pre-AP / AP contract.
    3. During the first couple of weeks of the semester, schedules may be changed by administration to balance class sizes as needed.
    4. Some schedule changes may require a change in graduation plan and/or endorsement.  Please contact your counselor if you have any questions or to request an updated 4 year plan.


    • How do I document volunteer hours?

                 A volunteer hours form is found here or under the resources tab. 

            Volunteer hours can be turned into your counselor.


    • How can I get a junior conference book?

            Junior conference books are available here or in your counselor's office.




    • How do I pay my fines? 


            Reach out to Mrs. Harris at eharris@alvinisd.net or call at 281-245-2703.