All AVID Students MUST have the supplies listed below.  Please understand the AVID system requires all items for all classes be kept in one binder.  The supplies listed below will be used by the student in all classes, not just the AVID classroom.  Other supplies may be needed for other classes.  Try to find supplies that will work well with the AVID binder.
    *3 to 4 inch Binder - please do not get one smaller than 3 inches (any color)
    *Dividers for each class (Dividers with pockets are useful)
    *Pencil pouch - must be able to fit inside binder
    *3 to 5 Pens - pens should include blue or black and one of another color (red, green, etc.)
    *2 pencils
    *1 highlighter (any color)
    *Spiral Notebook with holes