Participation Agreement 2021-22


    Student Goals: 

    1. Academic success in college preparatory courses.   

    2. Successful completion of college eligibility requirements by focusing on the most rigorous courses offered at my school.

    3. Enrollment in a college or university after high school graduation.


    Student Responsibilities: 

    1. Come to all classes prepared every day to participate and learn.

    2. Maintain satisfactory conduct and attendance in all classes.

    3. Turn in every assignment to every class on time.

    4. Maintain an organized binder with Cornell notes and learning logs.

    5. Take Cornell notes in all classes.

    6. Complete all assignments and commit to at least one hour of homework, review, and content readings every night.

    7. Maintain enrollment in at least one Pre-AP course all year.

    8. Maintain a 75 (or better) in all classes.        


    Grading Rubric: 

    • Major (Binder/Planner checks, projects, final drafts, learning logs, assessments):   50%

    • Daily (Tutorials/TRFs, Cornell notes, quick-writes, classwork, classroom activities):  50%


    Discipline Options: 

    Participation in AVID is a privilege that comes with high expectations, both academically and behaviorally.  If challenges occur in this or any other class, the following steps will be taken to correct the situation.

    • Individual Counseling

    • Parent Contact

    • Action/Probation Plan

    • Site Team meeting to determine eligibility to remain in the program

      *Removal from the program will be at the discretion of the Site Team.      



    Student Agreement: 

    I agree to my enrollment into the AVID elective class, which will offer academic support to me.  I want to succeed, and I understand that I must take individual responsibility for my own success.  I understand that in order to give fair consideration to my involvement with the program, I must remain enrolled in the AVID elective for at least one year, and that I will be allowed to remain in the program only if I meet the student responsibilities outlined on the front of this contract.  Studies show that I will most likely demonstrate academic improvement and meet my goal of four-year college enrollment if I remain in the AVID program throughout my senior year of high-school.

    I agree to the terms expressed in this contract.


    ______________________                _____________________                  _______________

           Student Signature                        Student Name (printed)                                 Date



    Support Agreement: 

    We agree to support the efforts of our student in meeting the goals outlined on the front of this contract.


    ______________________                _____________________                  _______________

          Parent Signature                           Parent Name (printed)                                  Date