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    Welcome to AVID!  Your student will be asked to reach new levels of learning never before reached!  It will be challenging, fun, and exciting!  Our goal is to help your child learn to navigate school better than ever before through study skills, higher level questioning, and college awareness.


    Some things you need to know about the AVID classroom:


    Binders:  All AVID students are expected to keep a binder that contains the work for all of their classes.  It will be graded every Friday.  Students will receive a rubric ahead of time so they can prepare their binder.  Please review this with your student once a week to make sure they have it ready to be graded. 


    Daily Planners:  All AVID students are required to have a planner and USE it.  They are expected to write down their assignments and daily objectives in this planner.  Student planners will be graded at least once a week.  While students will be notified of some planner checks ahead of time, some random checks will be done.  The purpose of these random checks is to ensure that students are utilizing their planners consistently and thoroughly.

    AVID Tutorials:  Once to twice weekly, your child will be receiving help from college students in tutorials.  We have tutorials during class because AVID students usually take more rigorous classes and need extra support from the college tutors.   Your child needs to come prepared with questions over assignments they do not understand.  They must have their Cornell notes from class and any other materials that will help them with tutorials.  If they are not prepared, they miss out on the opportunity to grow as a learner.   Students are graded on their preparedness, participation, written reflections, and Tutorial Request Forms (TRFs).  


     Supplies:   In preparation for this school year’s success, please have the following supplies by August 31st: 


    • 3”-4” three-ring binder (to be used in all academic classes and AVID)

    • pencil pouch (with holes so it fits in the binder rings) containing 2 pens (blue or black), 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 highlighter (any color)

    • package of 5 dividers (with tabs)

    • Student planner  (issued by HJH)


     SKYWARD:  Grade information can be accessed from home, and both students and parents should be checking grades on a regular basis to help the student monitor their progress and be as proactive as possible.  If students have any questions about their grades, they are to speak to the academic teacher(s) as soon as possible.  AVID students are expected to advocate for themselves when they have questions or concerns.  AVID students should let the AVID teacher know if there are any academic problems so that together they can work on an action plan.

    Major Grades (binder checks, planner checks, projects, final drafts,
    learning logs, formative & summative assessments, formal presentations)          =      50%
    Daily Grades (TRFs/tutorials, Cornell notes, classwork, quick writes,
    classroom activities, informal presentations)                                                            =       50%


     Tutorials:   Teacher tutorials with Mrs. Croxton 

    Monday*8:00-8:30 a.m. 

    Tuesdays *8:00-8:30 a.m.


                                        (*Students must ask for a pass prior to attending morning tutorials.)


    Due Dates

    Classwork designated as being “due at the end of class” is due at the time the bell rings directing students to move to their next class period. Classwork turned in later that same day is considered “late” and ten points will be deducted from the grade.   


    An assignment that is “due at the beginning of class” is due as students enter class.  An assignment turned in later in the class period or later that same day is considered “late” and ten points will be deducted from the grade.  Students will not be allowed to leave class to print an assignment on the day it’s due. Students are not to email me assignments unless prior permission from me has been given.




    Late Work:


    The campus-wide late work policy requires the following point deductions for late assignments:


                            One Day Late                         -10 points


                            Two Days Late                       -20 points


                            Three Days Late                    -30 points


                            Four Days Late                      NO CREDIT




    Policy for Make-up Work:


    If a student is absent the day the work is assigned, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the missed assignment on the day he/she returns to class.  The student must turn in the assignment within three days; however, if the student misses school the day an assignment is due, it should be turned in at the beginning of class the day the student returns since the student was aware of the assignment in advance.  If a student is absent the day of a test, quiz, or major project, the student must arrange a time with me to make up the assignment outside of class.  The arrangement must be made as soon as the student returns to school.

    Extra Credit:
    Extra credit will periodically be offered to all students.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities when they are offered and not wait until extra credit is needed.  Deadlines for extra credit are firm; no late extra credit assignments will be accepted!
    Tips for Parents:  The AVID program encourages open lines of communication between parents and teachers.  This greatly reduces the number of situations where an AVID student fails to meet basic program requirements.  If you have any questions or concerns about any part of your child’s AVID class, please contact me immediately.  Prompt intervention prevents most small concerns from becoming big problems.


     Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Mary Croxton