Homework Info
     Homework will be given nightly Tuesday through Thursday. It is to be completed and returned the next day. We do go over homework daily. If you ever have a question about any concept you can leave me a note on the homework itself or send me an email. 
    ASTROS is given on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. ASTROS typically have 8 questions, 4 questions on the front and 4 questions on the back. The front side is a "spiraling" review that reviews past concepts from 1st and 2nd grades. The back side are concepts currently being taught. We will review/check our homework at the beginning of class. Students will use crayons or colored pencils to check or make corrections as we go over them. I do send home ASTROS the following Tuesday in Tuesday Folders. I always suggest keeping past ASTROS to refer back to if you ever have questions or when reviewing for upcoming CBA's. They are a great tool! 
    Science will be given on Thursday nights. Science homework usually consist of the concepts we are currently learning. We will check these the same as ASTROS the following day. Once in a while on Thursday nights we will give Math reviews especially during CBA review times. After Christmas break, Science homework will be assigned through STEMscopes. 
    Please allow them to work independently as much as they can on homework, guiding them when they need. While concepts are taught differently then we all were taught, I always tell my students to "teach" their parents what we are learning as they are going through their homework. Ask them questions, have them explain what they are doing and why. Have fun while doing it! :)