• welcome
    In my classroom, one of my greatest joys is fostering a learning environment where
    my students know they are loved and encouraged to be lifelong learners. 
    Upon entering my classroom, I want nothing more than for students to feel loved, welcomed
    and comfortable. After all, how could we expect these sweet little ones to learn
    in any other kind of environment? I wish images could capture how cozy
    we all feel everyday in my classroom, but these images give you an 
    idea and we welcome you to take a "virtual tour" of classroom! Welcome!

    Back wall
    The back wall in our classroom is organized in a way that encourages students to 
    locate the materials needed in order to be successful. Students have access to all of the
    necessary tools in order to complete activities and tasks in these small, student-sized cubbies. 
    And to top it off - they are greeted with "Kid President" quotes every morning! How fun!

    Whole class
    I have integrated many visual, tactile and auditory sensory items such as lights, noise machines and
    various fidget toys as seen in this classroom photo. 

    Sensory Wall
    Our newest addition to our Autism classroom is our Sensory Wall! We're just thrilled about this! 
    Funded through the wonderful Education Foundation, our students have 
    access to the various sensory items needed according to their individual needs. 

    Class Library
    Our classroom library! 

    sensory wall 2
    Another glimpse at our newly added sensory wall! Since this photo has been taken, we have
    added several new sections to this sensory wall and we can't wait to update you on what
    all of our new items are!

    Sensory Bins
    Included in the bins pictured are dozens of other sensory items!