Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

    This letter is to inform you that in Environmental Systems class room C240 with Mrs. Ali, Mr. Campbell, Coach Jackson and Mr. Snider, all cell phones will be placed in the students backpack or plugged into one of the 6 charging stations. No student will be allowed to have their cell phones or any electronic device with them during class instruction and learning time. If the lesson requires students to use their phones for answering education game questions, they will be allowed to have them out briefly.

    We realize this is the Technology World, but it interferes with the learning you sent your child to school for. We have found that it is extremely difficult for teachers to teach and students to learn if students are more concerned with what text message has come to them or what has been recently posted on social media outlets, than the information needed to graduate high school in order to be prepared for the REAL WORLD rules and regulations.

    All cell phones and electronic devices will be silent and no flashing lights so all attention will be given to the instruction of the lesson in class. 

    Please understand if you have an emergency and need to contact your child immediately, call the school office and they will take care of your child. It is very difficult for your child to receive this type of distressing call or text message while they are in class or in the hallway. They have a very difficult time controlling their emotions and usually get into trouble because of their behavior when this happens. For their sake, please call the school office and the appropriate person will contact your child immediately and assist them in whatever you need from your child.

    We only have them in class for 45 minutes and that time goes by quickly with teaching, activities and school events. So classroom time is precious! We ask the students to be respectful of their teachers’ time and in turn we want to be respectful of our students’ learning time.

    Due to lab equipment, all backpacks and purses will not be allowed at the students’ desks. They will be placed in the back of the classroom on a table and on the back counter. This will protect anyone from accidentally tripping over them. This also keeps liquids and glass from being spilled on the backpacks and purses. When students get the phones at the end of class, they may also pick up their backpacks in preparation to leave class.

    We are looking forward to an awesome school year and making Environmental Systems fun to learn. Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. We look forward to meeting you or communicating with you this year. You can keep up with all the messages sent to your child for Environmental Systems through REMIND by texting to: 81010 and in the Message location type "@c7ag92" for 1st-3rd prd classes OR  "@ccadc86" for 4th-7th prd classes. You will receive a message that says, “You’ve joined Ali EnvirSys 1-3 Reply to send a message to Mrs. Ali"  OR  "You've joined Ali EnvirSys 4-7 Reply to send a message to Mrs. Ali.” You don’t have to send Mrs. Ali a message, but you can if you want. You will automatically be added to the list of contacts in Mrs. Ali's Environmental Systems class. If you send a message, only Mrs. Ali can see it and respond to it.


    Kay Ali

    Mr. Campbell--1st prd

    Coach Jackson--2nd & 3rd prds

    Mr. Snider--7th prd