• (updated: 7/27/19 for the 2019/29 school year)
    These are the books you will need to get this year for AP Literature*. You must get a print copy that you can bring to class. If you are for any reason unable to get yourself a physical copy, you need to communicate this to me well before the date on which the reading is due, so I can make arrangements to get you a copy with enough time to read it. 
    First Semester
    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stephenson (Must be read before arriving to class on Monday, November 11)
    *special note* in the first semester you will also need a get a novel of your choice for a Literary Analysis Paper. Details can be found by clicking here.
    Second Semester
    The Awakening - Kate Chopin (Must be read before arriving to class on Tuesday, February 18)
    The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka (Must be read before arriving to class on Monday, March 30)
    *We will be reading other works in and outside of class this year, but these are the ones you are responsible for obtaining. It is possible this information could change during the year, but if that is the case it will be communicated to you in multiple ways.