• Head Lice

    head lice  
    Head lice infestations continue to be a problem in our community and in surrounding communities.  Lice are highly communicable and difficult to prevent.  The close contact that children have at school further complicates the situation.  Alvin ISD is committed to working with families on this frustrating problem and requests that you periodically screen your child to facilitate the early detection of head lice. 
    School nurses screen individual children for head lice when suspected.  Siblings of a child with an infestation will be screened as well.  Entire class screenings will not be conducted, as they are not proven to be an effective means to prevent further infestation and are not recommended by the American Pediatric Association.  If lice are found on a child, the parent is notified to pick up the child. If only nits are found on a child, the parent is notified but the student may go home at the end of the school day.
    To return to school, the child must be lice and nit free and must be accompanied by a parent to the school nurse's office to be cleared before re-entry into the classroom.  Students with head lice or nits shall be excused on the day lice or nits are found and the day immediately following.  Students may only receive 4 excused absences due to head lice during the school year (see AISD Student Handbook). 


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