Name: Laura Dantzman
    Campus Phone #: 281 585-3349 ext. 5799
    Room: #308 KIndergarten Hall
    Conference Hours: TBA
    Alma mater : University of Houston - Clear Lake

    About Me
                                                     about me  
    Hello and welcome to Kindergarten!  My name is Laura Dantzman and this will be my 23rd year of teaching Kindergarten at Stevenson Primary. I am so blessed to be part of a wonderful school family here at Stevenson. My husband and my daughter are also both part of the Alvin ISD family!  My husband, Tommy, works in the school district Maintenance Dept. My daughter, Gabby, attends Alvin High School and is a Senior this year. She keeps us busy with her academic and Extracurricular pursuits. We really enjoy watching her play snare drum on the drumline of the AHS Marching Band.  
     It is my utmost desire to foster a love of learning in every young child that comes through my classroom door.  I believe that one of the "Keys to Success" is to focus first on building a relationship with your child so they feel safe emotionally and physically. I truly believe the other "Key to Success" is for me to work on capturing their "Hearts" first so then, and only then, can I capture their "Minds"! I also feel an Energetic and Engaging Kindergarten Classroom filled with Hands-on Learning is essential for all of my students!  Your support and involvement as parents is the other essential piece to your child's success! 
    Parents: THANK YOU for entrusting me with your precious little ones this school year! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with them and watch them learn and grow! 
    A few things about me that your child may want to know:
    My favorite colors are black, blue and red.
    My favorite thing to do for fun is go to the movies, concerts and museums with my family.
    I like the flavors of Chocolate and Peanut Butter!
    My favorite food is Japanese. But Mexican and Italian are a close runner up!
    My favorite dessert is cupcakes with buttercream icing.
    I love to laugh at funny jokes.
    My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter.
    My favorite day of the week is Saturday.
    My favorite animal is a dog or puppy.
    My favorite smell is anything FRUITY. 
    I love to listen to my daughter play percussion and watch her draw and create.
    I love to shop at Target, Walmart, Amazon.com and Dirt Cheap.
    I love to travel with my entire family anywhere and everywhere! Trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Las Vegas, NYC, San Francisco, CA, Washington DC, Yellowstone, Florida and St. Thomas, VI are just of few of my favorite vacation spots! Relaxing on the beach is one of my favorite things to do!
    I love to read children's books and true stories. 
    I love to go to live concerts and listen to 80s music!
    I love learning new things!