• Mary Marek Small Groups


    As part of Marek's developmental guidance program, I will be offering students the opportunity to participate in small group counseling sessions.  Children who share a common concern meet together with the counselor to talk and share.  Membership in a group is based on either parental or teacher referral.  Group participation is optional and parent permission is required.  Group sessions will last approximately 6-8 weeks. Groups will be held during lunch time to assure academic course work will not be missed.  If you feel your child would benefit from participating in a group, please email me (kpoydras@alvinisd.net) or contact me at the school (281-245-3232). 

    Some of the group topics that are available are:

    Friendship- making and keeping friends

    Cool Heads- anger management

    Stress Buster- test anxiety and organizing time

    Changing Family- deals with divorce/separation; and/or different living arrangements

    Social Skills- respect, manners, hygiene



    Kendria Poydras

    School Counselor