•   Membership Application is due to Ms. Foster no later than 3PM on August 30,  2019

    Article 4: Membership

    Section 1: Active members are high school students who have completed 4 semesters and prepared to complete up to 7 semesters of social studies classes. The minimum grade point average for these courses is an unweighted 3.25. The minimum composite grade point average is an unweighted 3.0. Applicants must meet both GPA requirements.

    Section 2: Members must be successfully entering their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year at time of application process. 

    Section 3: Members shall demonstrate ability to work with others and to conduct independent research, and shall possess qualities of industry, initiative, and reliability.

    Section 4: Members shall contribute service to the school at the direction of the principal and school administration.

    Section 5: Transfer student membership will be on a conditional basis, pending that all criteria is met. Potential transfer members must have the required grade point average from their previous school as mentioned in Article 4: Section 1.

    Section 6: Selection of members shall be made by the Faculty Selection Committee. This committee will be comprised of 5 current Alvin  High School faculty members as selected by the sponsor.

    Dues is $15 for new members, $5.00/year returning members.