• AVID is a career and college readiness system which will instill strategies in students that will help them lead a successful high school academic career as well as prepare them for life after high school (college).  Our hope is that every individual in AVID becomes a productive citizen in society and enjoys a successful career in the work force.


    In AVID, we concentrate on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading (WICOR) strategies.


    We will enhance the learning experience and try to eliminate the curve of forgetting by teaching students to take notes in a format that will ensure interaction with those notes in order to retain pertinent information for their academic classes.  It is scientifically proven that the more a person interacts with information, the better chance it has to be stored to long term memory for quick recall.


    With the idea that it is important to learn from many different resources, AVID will conduct tutorials for our students in the elective classes two days during the week.   During tutorials, students are allowed to (must) bring questions from their academic classes and present them in small groups in order to find an answer or solution to a problem with which they may have trouble understanding.  With the help of the teacher, hired tutors and classmates, we are generally able to help each student understand a point of confusion brought to AVID class that particular day.


    We also stress and teach how students should organize an agenda for their daily acitivites.  We obviously want every student to know when important due dates for assigments are as well as test dates for each of their classes.  But, we also want them to be organized outside the classroom and include any of their extracurricular activities in the agenda (games, club meetings, job interviews, family outings, etc.). For the upper classmen, SAT and ACT dates will be important.  Also, for seniors, application deadlines for colleges and universities should be in their agendas as well as the start date for filling out FASFA information.


    In AVID, we feel that these strategies, along with college entrance exam preparation, will instill the necessary skills for a young man or woman to function more effectively in the society they will be thrust into after high school.


    Within the AVID curriculum is a requirement for us to offer college campus tours.  It is important for a student to see several different colleges.  In a typical AVID school year, our classes will visit at least 4 different college campuses.