Major Events

  • 1872Alvin Morgan visited Brazoria County                                                                                                                                       1879Alvin Morgan moved to Alvin and built a house on the south bank of Mustang Bayou
    1881: The town name was changed from Morgan to Alvin due to an already existing town named Morgan
    1882: Ms. S. H. Brown started the first school on Gordon Street
    1894: The 10th grade was added, and AHS was born
    1897: The first class graduated with 5 students
    1900: The Galveston hurricane devastated Alvin, and repairs were made from donations of the citizens
    1906: The first 4-year class graduated from AHS                                                                                                                           1921: The P.T.A. presented the first carnival coronation
    1925: The Alvin Independent School District was established by the Texas State Legislature
    1928: The first Kid Day was held
    1930: The J. W. Surface #1 well blew in and Alvin’s oil boom began
    1936: Industrial Arts and Home Economics were added to the curriculum
    1946: Memorial Stadium was constructed
    1949: Alvin Junior college was established
    1988: A new library added
    1989: AHS has their first mixed choir
    1989: Varsity cheerleaders go to the National competition in Dallas (1st time)
    1990: The powerlifting program begins at AHS
    1988 to 1996: Covered walks were added, and several departments moved around
    1992: FFA takes 5 1st place medals at the county fair
    1993: The Jacketeers are estabished
    1995: First Homecoming parade
    1996: Winter Guards first year