• Around 1878: The Santa Fe railway began a maildrop to the area  
    1882: Ms. S. H. Brown started the first school on Gordon Street
    1910: The 2-story high school and grammar building was built - “The Red Brick Building”
    1928: The main (Senior) building was added
    1936 to 1938: Several new buildings were added
    1938: The Red Brick Building was razed
    1938: Gym II was built
    1946: Memorial stadium was built
    1949: The Junior college was established
    1951: Gym I was built
    1956: The Junior College was built
    1958: The Senior tree (Big Oak)  was made with donations from the AHS Seniors
    1963: The Junior College came down
    1968: Gym III was added
    1975: The Vocational Building was added and the Ag Farm was acquired
    1988: A new library was added
    1988 to 1996: New covered walkways were being added
    1996: The north annex building, which was once Alvin Junior High, was demolished in July
    1996: Major renovations and construction began with the addition of the Kee Building and the demolition
    1997: The Meyers Science building was opened
    1998: The Main building came down