•  Alvin ISD Education Foundation 

    2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR



    The Campus Grant Program is designed to fund special projects that schools need help with because they either can’t purchase them through the regular school budget or employees end up paying for items out of their own pockets. These projects do not have to be curriculum-based or be directly implemented in the classroom. The projects must still enhance education in some way and benefit 60-70% of the school population. 

    These grants are meant to enhance the school experience and we encourage campuses to think “outside the box.” 

    Examples: school visits by speakers/theater groups/museums, incentive/spirit programs within your school, school gardens and campus projects.


    Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants:

    The grants must be submitted online. It does not have to be written by the principal or assistant principal, but it must be submitted and signed by one or both of them.  (No more than 1 application per campus will be accepted.)


    Eligible Proposals:

    Projects designed to be implemented during the 2019-2020 school year, which meet the selection criteria. The project does not have to be instructional.


    Award of Funds:

    Grants for up to $2,500 will be awarded to selected campuses. The number of awards will depend upon funds available from the Alvin ISD Education Foundation.



    April 3, 2019 – Grant applications available via district email to campus principals,


    April 26, 2019 by 4 p.m. – Completed applications must be submitted online.  No late applications will be accepted.


    If awarded, an Evaluation of the grant will be due on May 1, 2020. Details will be provided after grants are awarded. (If applying for a continuation of a grant, an Evaluation must be included with your application)


    DUE DATE: April 26, 2019




    Selection Criteria:

    1. The project must benefit 60-70% of the entire school population.
    2. Specifics on how the project will benefit all students/teachers must be included.
    3. Funding for furniture will not be considered.
    4. It must be something that cannot be purchased through the school’s budget.
    5. It does not have to be a curriculum-based project or one that has to be implemented in the classroom.



    Selection Process:

    1. Application and grant criteria forms and the online link will be e-mailed to all principals by the mid-April 2019. Additional copies will be available from the Foundation office.
    2. Applications MUST be submitted online. Applications are due no later than 4:00 P.M.   April 26, 2019.   Late applications will not be accepted.
    3. Applications will be reviewed and recommended for funding by the Campus Grant Application Review Committee.
    4. If recommended for approval, the application will be presented to the Board of Directors of the Foundation for review and formal approval.
    5. Grant recipients will be announced at the Alvin ISD Employee Recognition Ceremony.
    6. If awarded, Funds for grants will be available after July 1, 2019.



    Responsibilities of Grant Recipients:

    1. Use the awards for the purposes intended.
    2. Prepare and submit a brief grant evaluation to the Alvin ISD Education Foundation, due by April 24, 2019. Be prepared to present how the grant was utilized at an Alvin ISD Education Foundation board meeting.
    3. Agree to share successful procedures in staff development sessions.



    Guidelines and Important Information for Completing the Application:

    1. Will it enhance the learning or the culture of your campus?
    2. Can it be done?
    3. Is it practical?
    4. Is it new for you? (If you are seeking recognition for something already completed, it is inappropriate)
    5. Do not refer to your campus within the body of the application.
    6. Itemize and total the amount requested.
    7. List the projected number of students to benefit from this grant.
    8. Applications are due ONLINE to the Foundation by 4 P.M., on April 24, 2019.



    Statement of Purpose:

    1. Tell what you hope to achieve (e.g. What will be different or better if the project is successful?)
    2. Keep the statement simple and straightforward.
    3. Promise only that which you can reasonably expect to achieve.



    Statement of Rationale – Address the Following:

    1.    Importance of purpose.
    1. How project will benefit the campus as a whole?
    2. Why this project/item is needed to benefit the campus?
    3. How the project supports the purpose?



    1. Be specific.
    2. List steps.
    3. Relate to purpose and objectives.




    1. Relate to stated objectives.
    2. Indicate how you will know whether the project was successful.



    Alvin ISD Education Foundation

    2019-2020 Grant Application Guidelines



    1. Application must be submitted online.
    2. Proof your application for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Use complete sentences. Thoroughness and correctness reflect how well planned the project is.
    3. The purpose of the application is to sell your ideas. Be sure there is no doubt what the purpose of the plan is, how it will benefit students and how it will be implemented and evaluated.
    4. Be realistic. Make sure what you are asking for can be achieved.
    5. Grants must be for something that isn’t generally funded by the school.
    6. Grant does not have to be STAAR or curriculum related it can be for fun!
    7. Clearly state the number of students/teachers impacted by this grant.
    8. Do not refer to your campus name in the body of the grant. Please indicate if the campus is Elementary or Secondary.
    9. Avoid the use of acronyms. Several members of the grant committee are not educators, and are not familiar with education terms.
    10. Be specific with your price list. Attach an itemized price list. Double check all calculations!  (It is okay if later you find the items at a better price and choose another vendor. Vendors do not need to be from the District’s Approved Vendor List)
    11. Itemize and total the amount being requested.
    12. You may apply for continuation of grant funds for one year.
    13. You may submit only one grant application per campus.
    14. State how implementation of this grant will benefit the majority of your school.
    15. Submit your completed application ONLINE by 4 P.M. on April 24, 2019.