Alvin ISD Summer Music Institute
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    AISD's Orff Levels I and III will be held at Melba Passmore Elementary in Alvin, Texas.


    Orff - Levels I & III
    June 3-14, 2019
    Early Registration Deadline April1, 2019.

    • Learn to engage students with the creative Orff Schulwerk process!
    • Learn through singing, dancing, creating, playing
    • A whole year's worth of material in only two weeks!
    • Teacher work will focus on process, materials, recorder, movement, and composition


    Payment is due at the time of registration. You will not be added to the course roster until payment is received. Registration will close when each course is full. Enrollment is decided on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Course members must purchase their own materials. Alvin ISD will not be selling course materials.


    For further information, get in touch with our course administrator:
    Lauren Summa
    (281) 585-6696






    Level I


    Prerequisites: Bachelors Degree in Music or Music Education (or equivalent) OR Undergraduate Senior in Music Education


    Minimum: 14 participants
    Instructor: Kristine Wolfe and Shelly Smith
    Dates: June 3-14, 2018
    Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:45 PM




    Orff Level I is designed to introduce students to the media of the Schulwerk (Speech, Singing, Movement, Improvisation, and Composition). Basic Orff consists of literature, instrument technique, improvisation, composition, and pedagogy within a Pentatonic structure. Recorder consists of playing technique and classroom pedagogy. Movement consists of creative movement, comfort levels, and beginning dance techniques.


    Required Materials

    Music for Children Volume I, Murray Edition

    Rhythmishe Ubung

    Orff Schulwerk: Brief History, Description, & Issues on Global Dispersal - Shamrock 

    Sweet Pipes Soprano Book I

    Recommended: Yamaha YRS 302B Soprano Recorder




    Level III


     Prerequisites: Satisfactory Completion of an accredited Level II Course


    Minimum: 8 participants
    Instructor: Karen Benson and Shelly Smith
    Dates: June 4-15, 2018
    Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:45 PM




    Level III offers advanced learning experiences in Orff Schulwerk utilizing skills and concepts introduced in the prior two levels. During basic, recorder, and movement sessions, participants will focus on understanding and demonstrating process teaching strategies inherent to the Schulwerk while extending their study of modes, major and minor tonality, and functional harmony, additional rhythmic structures, and forms. Level II is required. Successful completion of Levels I, II, and III provides certification under the guidelines of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association making participants eligible for a certificate from AOSA endorsing their achievement.


    Required Materials

    Music for Children Volume I, Murray Edition

    Music for Children Volume II, Murray Edition

    Music for Children Volume III, Murray Edition

    Music for Children Volume IV, Murray Edition

    Music for Children Volume V, Murray Edition

    Pieces and Processes, Steven Calantropio

    Creative Dance for all Ages - Anne Green Gilbert

    Recorder Consort 1 (Rosenburg)

    Yamaha YRS 302B Sop Recorder

    Yamaha YRA 302 B Alto Recorder

    Yamaha YRT 302 B Tenor Recorder

    Sweet Pipes Sop Book 1

    Sweet Pipes Alto Book 1

    Bass Recorder if you have one!



    Orff Curriculum


    Prerequisites: Satisfactory Completion of an accredited Level II Course


    Minimum: 8 participants
    Instructor: Lisa Sullivan
    Dates: June 24-28, 2018
    Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:45 PM



    Orff Curriculum enables you to build a Schulwerk-based curriculum for your specific teaching assignment. Long-term planning and weekly process lesson planning are addressed. Teachers share ideas and work together to complete multiple lesson plans based on concepts, year long overview for 2 grade levels, and a materials grid logging all materials used in the class and used in your own classroom. Successful completion of Levels I and II Orff training is required to enroll in this course.


    Required Materials

    MFC Vol 1, Murray

    MFC Vol 2, Murray

    MFC Vol 4, Murray

    Orff Schulwerk Today (Jane Frazee)

    Elementaria (Gunild Keetman)





    Cost of Courses

    Levels I and III: Early Registration - $450, After April 1, 2019 - $500

    Orff Curriculum: Early Registration - $350, After April 1, 2019 - $400

    Fees cover course registration only. Housing and course materials are the responsibility of the student.




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    Kristine Wolfe
    Level I Orff Pedagogy


    Kristine Wolfe teaches K-6 music at Portal Elementary in the Papillion-La Vista School District in Nebraska, where she also directs an after-school Orff Honor Ensemble. She holds a BM from Iowa State University and an MM from the University of Nebraska Omaha. Serving as the Program Chair for the Great Plains Orff Chapter, she is an active member of her local AOSA chapter. In her free time, Kristine plays oboe and is also a member of the Twelfth Night Recorder Ensemble.



    Karen K. Benson
    Level III Orff Pedagogy


    Karen K. Benson is a Past President of AOSA and served as 2017 National Conference Chair. She teaches music for grades PreK-5 at Cody Elementary School for the Millard Public School District in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition, she serves as a director for the district’s Orff Schulwerk Honors Ensemble. Karen teaches in several AOSA Teacher Education Levels courses, leads workshops throughout the United States, and has presented sessions at AOSA Professional Development conferences, Texas Music Educators Association, and Nebraska Music Educators Association state conferences. Her work as a performing musician includes playing saxophone, recorders, and singing as a member of Sing Omaha Master Chorale.



    Shelly Smith


    Shelly Smith has been teaching for 26 years. She instructs children in grades Pre K-5 at Mari Sandoz Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. Sandoz is an All Title I School and English Language Learner magnet site that serves 375 students. Published in 2015, Shelly was a contributing author to Artful-Mindful-Playful in Action. Shelly teaches movement and recorder at several AOSA Teacher Education Certification courses and has served as a workshop clinician at numerous professional development music conferences, school districts, and AOSA regional chapters.



    Lisa Sullivan
    Orff Curriculum


    Lisa Sullivan has taught music at Mohawk Trails Elementary in Carmel, IN for 27 years and in 2008, was named Carmel Clay Teacher of the year.  Lisa holds a BM from Butler University and an MAE from Ball State University.  Lisa published her first teacher resource during the summer of 2014 titled Playing with Improvisation: Technology with Integrity in the Orff Classroom.  Lisa currently serves as the Region VI representative for AOSA and has presented at multiple NAfME, AOSA, and IMEA conferences.  Lisa teaches Orff Schulwerk Levels at Anderson University in Anderson, IN and DePaul University in Chicago, IL.  Lisa also teaches Orff Curriculum and Orff Technology classes at Anderson University.