• PSAT 8/9
    The PSAT 8 assessment will be administered on October 16, 2019 to 8th grade students at Nolan Ryan Junior High.  The PSAT 8 is a grade level equivalent exam to the real SAT test that high school juniors and seniors take for entrance into colleges and universities.  The PSAT 8 score will allow students the opportunity to gauge where they are in preparation for post secondary careers.  The scores of the PSAT 8 correlate closely to real SAT scores.  Students will be able to determine areas of strength and weakness in preparation for high school.  


    To view the parent information letter: 2019 PSAT Parent Letter


    To view information regarding the PSAT and potential benefits: Parent Resources 




    Presentation:Accessing and Using My PSAT 8/9 scores 



     What Next? 

       After creating their college board account, students will then  log in to their College Board account. From there they will be taken to a dashboard (entry) screen that includes their scores, links to develop an action plan for college planning, core course work, and information about career profiles.

        The first thing they will see on the dashboard is their most recent scores. The total score for PSAT 8/9 ranges from 240 to 1440. It is the sum of their Math section score added to their Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section score. In the example on the slide, the student has earned a Total Score of 870, the combination of a 470 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and a 400 in Math. When students click “View Details,” they will be taken to their detailed score reports.

        Next to each score, students can see the range of minimum and maximum scores for each testing category. Under their score, students can click to see their score range, questions answered, and difficulty levels of the questions. 

     When students take tests more than once, their scores may differ on each testing occasion. PSAT 8/9 scores should be interpreted as ranges rather than singular points, because a student’s score might vary slightly if she or he had taken different versions of the test under identical conditions. This link will tell students their score range, based on their current score.