Unit introduces students to both the origins of American Government and the government as it exists today.  Chapter 1 analyzes the purposes and concepts behind American democracy.  Chapter 2 explores the origins of the American governmental system from its early development to the creation and adoption of the Constitution.  Chapter 3 describes the six basic principles in on which the Constitution is built and the formal and informal procedures for interpreting the Constitution . Chapter 4 shows the division of power between the National Government and the States, and how constitutional provisions encourage cooperation between and among the states.
    Essential Questions: What are the purposes of government? What principles guide different types of government?  What is the role of government in different types of economic systems?  What influenced the development of our government institutions?  Why and How did the colonists declare independence?  How does the U.S.Constitution structure government and divide power between the national and state governments?  Why and how has the U.S. Constitution been amended and interpreted throughout our history?  How do state Constitutions and local charters structure government and protect individual rights?   Why and how is power divided and shared among national, state, and local governments?  How does federalism promote democracy and civic participation?