• Earth Unit 2

    DIY #1
    Weathering and Erosion Notes
    2.) Pick up and complete the outline by following the interactive website.
    3.) When done fold and glue into your science notebook. 
    4.) Complete the tree map on the next clean page. 
    DIY #2
    Topographic Map Power Point
    1.) Click on the link: Topographic Map Power Point 
    2.) Go through the power point and take notes in your Science Notebook. I will be looking for the information you've learned about Contour Lines.
    DIY #3
    Erosional Features
    2.)Go through this interactive website. Draw the before and after pictures and explain your answers in the spaces provided.
    3.) Fold and glue into your notebook when you are done. 
    DIY #4
    Topographic Map Practice
    2.) Pick up the worksheet for this DIY.
    3.) Read the vocabulary and follow the instructions provided. Use the correct maps to answer the questions on your worksheet.
    DIY #5
    Topographic Map Practice
    2.) Pick up the worksheet for this DIY.
    3.) READ and follow all of the instructions for this assignment. Fill out information. Fold and glue into your notebook. 
    DIY #6
    Topographic Map Practice
    1.) Pick up the Topo Map that you will need to complete.
    2.) Fold and glue into your notebook when you are done.