• Medications


    Over the counter medications may be given by nurse for 10 days with the following rules:Medications

    • Medications must be provided by parents.
    • Must have a written note from parent/guardian giving permission for student to take medication. Note must include child's name, the date, name of medication, dosage, time to be administered and reason for giving. (Cough, sore throat, headache, toothache, etc.)
    • All medication must be in original container and age appropriate for child.
    • Medication can only be administered according to label directions.
    • An order from a doctor is required to change dose for child or to give longer than 10 days and must be renewed every year.
    • Expired medications can not be administered.

    Medication must be brought to clinic upon arrival to school and given by nurse or designated staff member.


    See links below for more information regarding over the counter medications and prescription medications. 

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