• Destiny Discover- Our Online Catalog


    Using the Destiny App:

    1. Download the Destiny Discover app and works well with most of our e-book platforms.  Students can search the catalog for books and ebooks.  Once they log in, they can also look to see what books they have checked out and so much more.  
    2. Please also look at the Lightboxes. These are GREAT interactive books.
    3. To log-in, students will use their 6-digit ID number as their username, and their password will be their normal password login for Google.
    4. For ebooks - When prompted, they will need to add their e-book logins.  They will need to ask their teacher or the library staff for them.  These include books from Sebco, Mackin, and others.  Their SORA/Overdrive password is the same one they log into Destiny with.



    Overdrive (now called SORA) - An Awesome E- Book Collection


    Overdrive                                SORA


    1. Log onto this website:  http://alvinisd.lib.overdrive.com to access.
    2. Students will log in with their same credentials as they do with Destiny or Google.
    3. Get the App and read books on any device.

    Watch these videos for more information:  

    Online Resources

    Below are links to online subscriptions available through Wilder Library. Due to copyright concerns, login information can not be posted online, but will be distributed by classroom teachers. 

    Alvin ISD's I.T. Department Page for Online Resources 

     Check out this page under the STUDENT Online Resource tab on the AISD website for more online resource information.



    Destiny is an online library that allows students and teachers the ability to search their school library catalog.  Choose Wilder from the options you see on this home page.

    LOG IN INFORMATION:  Use the same protocol as you do for logging into an AISD computer.  See the How To Videos that are on the library webpage.



    Britannica School Elemenary


    Britannica School Elementary is an online reference encyclopedia featuring articles intended for primary and elementary. It also includes pictures, maps, videos, animations, and sounds.
     LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information


    National Geographic Kids includes reference books, nonfiction books, 500 downloadable images, and complete issues of National Geographic Kids magazine from 2009 - present. 
    LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information 


    Kids InfoBits is designed to provide access to appropriate reference material for students in K-5th grade. It includes reference content such as magazines, newspapers, maps, charts, graphs, and more than 13,000 searchable images.
    LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information.

    PebbleGO is a combination of different databases that offers leveled text to our beginning researchers.

    LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information.

     PebbleGO Next is a database geared for students in grades 3-6. It offers States and American Indian studies modules.
    LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information. 
    TumbleBooks is for students to read books online. It has option to have story read to them or it allows them to read it on their own. Videos and activities are also provided. Great for fluency, comprehension, and enjoyment 
    LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information.
    teaching books

    TeachingBooks makes instantly available original in-studio movies and multimedia interviews, hundreds of audio excerpts for kids and teens to inspire reading, easy access to thousands of teaching materials for PreK-12 titles, and teacher-created booklists to provide book titles by theme.

     LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information
     Sebco Books

    Sebco Books are ebooks that we have purchased as a school.  They are incorporated into our Destiny catalog and can be accessed there or on this site.  Sebco Books can also be accessed through their app that can be downloaded on any IOS system.         

    LOGIN - Please see your teacher for Login Information         


    Mackin Books  also have electronic books that have been purchased by the school.     These are free until the end of December.


    School Name - skip

    User ID:  wilderes

    Password:  wilderes



    EPIC BOOKS have a large collection of ebooks.  During this school year, the site is free for students during normal school hours. C


    LOGIN INFORMATION - Your teacher will have a class code


    Lightbox is a collection of interactive ebooks.  Wilder has hundreds of them in our Destiny collection.


    LOGIN:  same as Destiny

    Scholastic Scholastic is also providing free ebooks during this COVID quarantine.  No username or password needed.
     Audible  Audible is also providing free resources to their audiobooks.  No login required during this COVID quarantine.