• Spelling words are sent home every Monday. Students are to write each spelling word 3 times and use the word in a sentence.  Spelling test every Friday.  
    Math homework is handed out every Tuesday and due back in by Thursday.  
    Science homework is handed out on Wednesday and due back in by Friday.  
    Students will receive homework Monday through Thursday.  The students are to complete all problems by showing all of their work.  ASTROS and STEPS Homework require students to use the problem solving process.   
    Problem Solving Process
    Step 1
    Read the problem and underline 5 to 7 words that are most important to solving the problem 
    Step 2
    Write a short statement using  5 to 7 words that state what the problem is asking
    Step 3
    Write down all the data from the problem
    Step 4
    Solve the problem
    Step 5
    Write down the answer
    Step 6
    Check your answer using another method other than the one you used to solve the problem
    *** Please practice addition, subtraction and multiplication facts daily***
    The more you are interested they more they will want to learn!
    Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.