• SAT and PSAT Review


    Mr. Zendt - Lab Room C133
    Email: jzendt@alvinisd.net
    Tutoring: Wednesday 3:00pm – 4:00 & Thursday 3:00pm – 4:00 or by appointment.


    To be successful in my (and any) class, students must:
    • Complete all work (even if not collected for a grade).
    • Study outside of class.
    • Ask for help when stuck.
    • Bring an open mind and try new things.
    • Work independently and in groups.
    • Participate in all Classroom Activities


    Course Materials
    Each student is required to bring:
    • Pencils or Mechanical Pencils
    • 1 Spiral Notebook for Notes (100+ Pages)
    • Lined Paper and Graph Paper
    • 3 Different Color Writing Utensils: pens, markers, highlighters, or pencils, etc.


    Students will be provided with the following for in-class use only:
    • SAT Review Book.
    • TI-Nspire graphing calculator after signing the calculator agreement.


    Many assignments will be done on Khan Academy's SAT Prep section. 


    Grades are based on the following scale, 40% weight for minor assignments and 60% weighgt for major assignments:

    Homework/Classwork (Minor): This section is a completion grade--completing the activities on Khan Academy or doing an assigned page of SAT problems will make up this category.

    Quizzes (Minor 2x): We will have a few in class quizzes that are formatted like SAT sections.  This will be graded for accuracy (and curved appropriately).

    Tests (Major): Major tests over SAT units will comprise this category.  Once per nine weeks we will take a full SAT test to see where we stand.


    Google Classroom
    I will use Google Classroom as a way to upload your progress on the Khan Academy Website.

    Google Classroom Signup Information will be provided in class.