• All AP/Pre-AP students are required to fill out and submit a contract at the beginning of each year. The link to the online contract is provided below. If you need a hard copy I can print one out for you. Both the student and parent need to read this contract then submit their names at the bottom acknowledging that they are aware of the content inside the contract. If there are any questions about this please let me know.
    Covid-19 Plan
    New Google classroom assignments every Mon, Wed, and Fri
    • One mandatory assignment: we will follow the same plan as regular Alg 2 for now
    • One optional assignment: for those who want to keep up with PAP level work, I will provide a video lesson and homework assignment for the new material we would be covering under normal circumstances.
    • Etiquette: keep your mic on mute unless asking a question or responding (reduces background noise)