World History




























    Google Classroom Codes 


    1st Period: uhqapvf

    2nd Period: 6z7cty7

    3rd Period: j62h4ea

    5th Period: pmihz4u

    6th Period: c23x77h



    Fall Semester

    1st Grading Period

         1 - Early Civilizations
         2 - Classical Civilizations
         3 -The Rise of World Religions



    2nd Grading Period

         4 - The Post Classical Period and the Middle Ages
         5 - The Renaissance and Reformation
         6 - Connecting Hemispheres




    Spring Semester

    3rd Grading Period

         7 - Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment
         8 - Industrial Revolution
         9 - Age of Revolutions
         10 - Global Imperialism
         11 - World War One and Modernism



    4th Grading Period

         11 - World War One and Modernism (Cont.)
         12 - World War Two and Decolonization
         13 - The Space Age and Cold War
         14 - The Landscape of the Modern World





    Required Materials:  1" Binder, Notebook Paper, Pencils

                                            (Recommended: **Binder Dividers and 3 Ring Folder** )







    Grade Distribution    Daily/Homework 70%   Tests/Quizzes 30%



    Restroom  Policy:  In general, restrooms and water fountains are to be used between passing periods, during MegaLunch, etc., and not during class. To accommodate emergencies, at the beginning of the semester, FOUR (4) “Pass-or-Points Tickets” will be issued to each student. Each ticket is SINGLE USE item. Students may redeem a ticket for a pass to the restroom or attach it to any assignment, including tests (but not the semester exam) for a 10 point bonus. The ticket must be physically present at the time of use. Students that do not have a ticket, lost their ticket, or already used all of them will not be allowed to use the restroom during class. Unused fall semester tickets carry over to the spring semester.

    Note from the Instructor: “Pass-or-Points Tickets” are valid only for this World History class. The Instructor reserves to right to suspend, revoke, or alter the use of the the tickets at his discretion.


    Electronic Device Policy: Cell phones and other electronic devices are to remain out of sight, not in use, and silent unless used for teacher approved instructional purposes. In accordance with Alvin ISD policy stated in the student handbook:

    If a student uses a telecommunications device without authorization during the school day, the device will be confiscated. The parent may pick up the confiscated telecommunications device from the principal’s office for a fee of $15.”


    Food and Drink Policy: Food and non-water drinks are not allowed. Water in a clear bottle is acceptable.