• Class Extension: 4602

    Tutoring Times: Monday & Wednesday 3-4 PM

    Conference Period: 6th

    Email: kboberg@alvinisd.net

    Alma Mater: University of Illinois

    Manvel High School


    Course Syllabus 2018-2019

    Course Title: Principles of Audio/Video Production; Intro Audio/Video Production; Advanced Audio/Video Production; Audio/Video Practicum

    Teacher Name: Kyle Boberg

    Teacher Conference Times: 6th Period

    E-mail: kboberg@alvinisd.net

    Room: A242

    Course Description

    This course introduces the student to all phases of the television field and studio production including concept development, scripting, preproduction, camera work, editing, sound mixing, and postproduction. Emphasis will be on the various technologies associated with video production. Students will be provided with an overview of the media industry and will learn the basic create, edit, and render skills needed to design and produce multimedia presentations that use video and audio resources. Students will learn to edit using the Adobe Production Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, & After Effects). Students will also participate in the production of a campus broadcast (MAV TV).

    Approximate Timelines and Due Dates of Long Term Projects

    MAV TV: Weekly broadcast that will include stories and packages (Sports, School News, Campus Activities, PSA’s) Each student will be assigned a project (some will be weekly projects) that contribute to the MAV TV broadcast. Most students will have ample time to complete the projects during class; however, additional lab hours will be provided either before school or after school for those students who need/want the extra time to work on the assigned activity. Work evenings/nights should be expected for each deadline.

    General Methods of Assessment and Grade Calculations

    Assessment will be based on daily participation, classwork, tests and deadlines/projects. The Alvin ISD late work policy will be followed.

    Grading Criteria

    Daily Grades (quizzes, assignments.) – 40%                                                                             

    Daily Grades/Projects - 60%

    * Students are responsible for the safe use of very valuable AV equipment, including but not limited to: video cameras, tripods, light kits, microphones, and computers. Students will be instructed and tested on the safe use of this equipment. Strict check-out and check-in rules are in place. If a student checks out equipment he/she is responsible for its safe-keeping. Only the student who checks out the equipment and his/her classmates may use the equipment. Only authorized students and other personnel are allowed inside the control room and/or studio. Damage to any equipment determined to be caused by negligence or malice could result in failure of the class and action by campus administration. In this case, the student will also be responsible for replacing any equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

    * Students may be asked to cover school-related events before or after school hours. Covering before and after-hours events, such as home sporting events, may be essential to one of their primary responsibilities.

    Alvin ISD Guidelines for Computer Use

    1. You are responsible at all times for the use of your system account.
    2. System users may not participate in chat lines. This ties-up bandwidth.
    3. You may not use another person’s password to gain access to their files.
    4. You may not upload or download any programs to the system.
    5. You may not bring disks or CDs from home or take them from the lab. All electronic-based work stays in the lab.
    6. System users may not use the Alvin network for non-educational games—this also puts a heavy load on system resources.
    7. Users shall not obtain copies of or modify files, passwords, or data that belong to anyone else.
    8. Knowingly transmitting any material in violation of any federal or state law over the Alvin network is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, threatening, harassing or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret.
    9. You may not knowingly use the Alvin network for commercial, income-generating or “for-profit” activities. Product advertisements and political lobbying is prohibited.


    Vandalism and Mischief Prohibited

    You are assigned a location in the lab and are responsible for its cleanliness and the use of the electronics at that station. Do not change default settings. This includes font size, font style, backgrounds, screensavers, resolution, contrast, brightness, sound, icon configuration, etc. Any intentional manipulation of settings is considered vandalism by Alvin ISD and will be treated accordingly.

    General Guidelines

    1. Keep all food, drinks, gum, or candy AWAY FROM THE COMPUTERS at all times.
    2. Use only your assigned computer.
    3. Turn computer on/log on at the beginning of class, unless specified by teacher.
    4. Report machine failure to the teacher immediately. Do NOT attempt to fix anything!
    5. Reference books are for in-class use only.
    6. Save work early and often (at least every 10 minutes).