• When does school begin?

    7:50 am

    When is my child counted tardy?

    8:01 am

    What do I do if my child is absent?

    Provide documentation from your child’s doctor or a note from the parent or guardianexplaining the absence.

    What do I do if I know my child will be absent?

    Notify your child’s teacher, in writing. Include and explanation and the dates of the absence.

    What is the dress code for first grade?

    See Student Handbook or visit the Family Resources section at www.alvinisd.net.

    What will my child need to bring every day?

    They will need to bring their binder( Agenda) that has been signed, along with their Homework Journal and any important notes.

    Is there homework in first grade?

    Yes. Homework should be completed at home,with an adult. Homework reinforces concepts your child is learning at
    school. Students have a reading response and word study practice Monday - Thursday night. They have ASTROS math homework on Tuesday and Thursday night. 

    What are Specials?

    Physical Education, Music, Art. Your child will alternate between the 3 special classes each week.
    Can I send cupcakes for my child's birthday?
    Yes you can! Please send enough for every student. You can drop them off in the office and we will enjoy them the last hour of the day.  Sometimes all of that icing can get a bit messy so if you can send napkins as well, that would help out a bunch!