• Behavior Support
    Behavior Support Services
    Behavior support services, including individual behavior intervention plans, psychological services, and specialized educational programming, are available to address the needs of students identified as having signficant emotional and behavioral needs.  Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the development of students' social and coping skills through positive behavioral supports and services designed to meet individual student's needs.

    Psychological Services


    Psychological services in Alvin Independent School District are provided by Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP).  These services include evaluation of students for the purpose of determining whether a student has a disability and for determining appropriate educational services to meet a student’s needs, intervention with students through the provision of behavioral supports outlined in behavior intervention plans (BIPs) and counseling as a related service, and consultation with school personnel and parents to find solutions to problems affecting a student’s educational progress and to provide assistance with the implementation of interventions designed to meet students’ needs.


    ASD (Acquiring Social Development) Progra


    The ASD program is a program specifically designed for students who have been identified as having an autism spectrum disorder who are at or near instructional grade level in academics, but who demonstrate a need for specialized instruction in a structured, consistent, peer group setting with emphasis on communication, socialization,and generalization skills. Unique characteristics of the ASD Program include a consistent monitoring system used for social and behavioral management and intervention and a social skills curriculum to address social and behavioral needs of students with autism in a structured self-contained classroom setting for students who need additional skills instruction prior to transition to a more inclusive setting. 


    SLC (Structured Learning Class) Program


    The structured learning classroom is a program specifically designed for students who have been identified with autism or another developmental disorder who are working on an alternative curriculum.  The program is based on priniciples of applied behavior analysis and provides a highly structured, low staff to student ratio to ensure student progress.  Each student in the program has a specially designed behavior intervention plan (BIP) to meet his/her individual needs.  


    PASS (Positive Approach to Student Success) Program


    The PASS program is an inclusive program for students identified with emotional and behavioral disabilities.  The typical positive behavior interventions used in general education classes have not been effective with students placed in the PASS program.   Therefore, each student in the program has a specially designed behavior intervention plan (BIP) to meet his/her individual needs. Unique characteristics of the PASS program include implementation of a structured behavioral monitoring system and a social skills curriculum to address behavioral needs and to redirect behavioral difficulties in a positive, proactive manner.


    DBC (District Behavior Class) Program


    The DBC Program is a self-contained learning environment for students with emotional and behavior disabilities that manifest in severe behaviors that present danger to self or others and/or are extremely disruptive to the educational environment.  The DBC program is a highly structured environment for students who have not been successful in the general education classroom and other less restrictive environments, such as the PASS program.  Unique characteristics of the DBC program include individualized academic instruction for students whose severe emotional problems have impacted their educational progress and remediation of behavior and school adjustment difficulties through direct instruction of social and coping skills.  As students develop mastery of these social and coping skills, they are reintegrated into more inclusive settings.

    For additional information about behavior support services, please contact:
    Sarah Chauvin, Director of Special Education
    Additional Resources:
    National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
    NAMI Gulf Coast
    Gulf Coast Center Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
    (877) 226-8780
    Youth and Family Counseling Services
    (979) 864-1577