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    Related Services
    Related Therapy services are delivered as a support to improve a student's ability to learn, function and access the school environment and curriculum.  Related services for students with disabilities include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Adapted Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Assistive Technology, In-Home/Parent Training, Counseling, Orientation and Mobility, Medical Services, and Transportation. In the state of Texas, Speech Therapy is considered an instructional service.
    Educational related therapies are governed by federal and state laws that dictate that the related services concentrate on a child's ability to function in and receive benefit from their special education program in the school setting. This differs from the medical services in that the medical focus is primarily on the student's area of impairment rather than the student's educational program. Related services can be provided directly to students or on behalf of students. Services can occur in a variety of settings in the school environment. 
    For additional information about related services refer to the specific related service page or please contact:
    Sarah Chauvin, Director of Special Education
    (281) 245-2645