• playing cards
    Your student can get a little rusty over the summer, but with your help they can stay fresh!
    Playing card games is a great way to keep your mind active on problem solving and even math skills. This summer drag out those playing cards and have family time while "doing homework."
    Materials Need:
    Standard deck of playing cards
    Calculator (optional, to verify answers)
    Players needed:
    1 to ?? (depends on game)
    Sample game:
    Integer Showdown- 
    Remove jokers .
    Shuffle cards.
    Deal cards facedown to players (2) until all cards are distributed.
    Each player turns cards face down in a pile in front of him/her.
    Each player turns over the top card of his/her deck and places it in the middle of the tables.
    All black cards are positive integers. All red cards are negative integers. Face cards (J,K,Q) are worth 10.
    Students will agree on the operation they will use (+, -, or x).
    Once both players turn over their cards, the first person to call out the correct answer wins the pair of cards.
    Play continues until one player has won all of the cards from his/her opponents.
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