• Alvin ISD is excited to be using the TI Nspire CX calculators  all High School Math courses(including courses at Junior High).
    Please see note below before purchasing personal devices.
    Students that chose to use a campus assigned calculator must sign a calculator contract to ensure responsible use.
    To learn more about how to operate the TI Nspire CX use the links below. 
    Video Tutorials
    For other online graphing calculators, see the Student Resources.   
    Attention Parents:
    If you are interested in purchasing a calculator other than the TI Nspire CX please note the following message from the Texas Education Agency in regards to the models allowed on the State of Texas Algebra End of Course Exam**.
    "Calculators that have a computer algebra system (CAS) are NOT allowed. Electronic devices that provide access to the Internet, have photographic capabilities, or have a calculator as an application are also not allowed." 
    **College Board SAT and AP exams however will allow for any TI Nspire CX or CAS device. SAT Calculator Policy
    ACT will allow only the TI Nspire CX ACT Calculator Policy