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    The AP Macroeconomics Exam questions measure students' knowledge of macroeconomics principles and their ability to reason within the discipline.

    Format of Assessment

    Section I: Multiple Choice | 60 Questions | 70 Minutes | 66% of Exam Score

    • Questions require the use of economics content knowledge and reasoning across the range of course topics.
    • Some questions require analysis of different hypothetical situations.

    Section II: Free Response | 3 Questions | 60 Minutes | 33% of Exam Score

    • 1 long free-response question (50% of section score)
    • 2 short free-response questions (each worth 25% of section score)
    • Questions ask students to analyze unique scenarios using different course concepts.
    • Some questions in the free-response section require graphical analysis
    Most common mistakes on AP Macro:
    Draw graphs as big as your fist or bigger.  
    Apply Economics logic, you are being asked to answer a question or solve an economic problem.
    Stick to the scope of the question, answer what is being asked.
    Link concepts together--how to all the graphs and concepts interconnect.