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    Ms. Grieneeks
    Emily Grieneeks
    Campus Phone # 281.245.2232 ext:6316
    Room # B122
    Tutorials: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
    6:50-7:15 am and 3-3:30 pm
    Other times by appointment.
    Conference Hour: 4th period 10:18-11:12 am
    Graduate of University of Houston - Downtown

    About Me

       I am Ms.Grieneeks your ESL teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. I am excited and eager to work with each of you as you start or continue on with your high school career. I have worked with shelter instruction for a few years. This will be my fourth year as the ESL teacher. I look forward to helping each of you become familiar and comfortable with the English language. We will explore all the aspects of the language. I want this to be a successful year for you and I will work with you to make this a reality.

       I received my Bachelors of arts degree in English Literature. Some highlights of my life- when I completed college I went into the private sector. I worked in an editing department as a composing assistant. Then, I had the opportunity to travel the country as a portrait consultant and photographer.  After that, I worked with a labeling company. Finally, I received the calling to become a teacher.

       This is the 12th year that I have worked in Alivn ISD and the 10th year at Manvel High School. I enjoy the energy and spirit that Manvel High School generates. 

    This year will be filled with meaningful assignments,challenging activities and rewarding academic achievements.