• Ecosystems DIYs

    6.12 E- Describe biotic and abiotic parts of an ecosystem in which organisms interact.

    6.12 F- Diagram the levels of organization within an ecosystem, including organisms, population, community and ecosystem
    DIY #1
    Ecosystem Vocabulary Notes
    1.) Click on the link:Ecosystem Vocablulary
    2.) Copy the notes into your notebook Cornell Style
    DIY #2 
    Ecosystem Power Point Notes
    1.) Click on the Link: Ecosystem Power Point Notes 
    2.) Complete the outline using the power point. You must start the power point from the beginning. 
    DIY #3
    Analyzing Ecosystems: Biotic/Abiotic Factors-Interactive Website. 
    1.) Click on the Link: http://bit.ly/1sjoHcn 
    2.) Go to the link and identify biotic and abiotic factors in the picture.
    3.) Pick up the paper for DIY #3 from the folder. Create a T-Chart in you science notebook (Biotic/Abiotic) and create a list of those factors in the picture. 
    Biotic/Abiotic Card Sort
    1.) Get needed papers for this assignment from DIY #4 folder.
    2.) Complete this assignment by cutting out each picture and gluing them into your Science Notebook.
    3.) You will have a page of Abiotic and a page of Biotic pictures. 
    Ecosystem Pyramid Examples
    1.) Click on the link: Ecosystem Pyramid Examples
    2.) Copy the examples provided into your Science Notebook. 

    Ecosystem Pyramid
    1.) Pick up a copy of the three blank pyramids.
    2.)Create your own examples on the page provided and glue into your INB. Use examples from DIY #4 to help. 
    Reading Science! The Desert Ecosystem
    1.) Click on the link: Reading Science! Desert Ecosystem
    2.) Read the article provided and complete the questions.
    3.) Check your answers. Fold and glue into your notebook. 
    DIY #8
    2.) Watch the Ecosystems video.
    3.) Pick up the BrainPop Ecosystem quiz from the folder. Complete the quiz. Check your answers and glue into your science notebook. 
    When you finish all of the DIYs you may go to the following website....With my permission and after I've checked your INB.:  http://bit.ly/1zXbkvx