• Gilcrease  
    Questions and Answers with Alvin ISD Superintendent Dr. James L. “Buck” Gilcrease

    Question: What attracted you to apply for the Alvin ISD Superintendent position?
    Answer: The reputation of Alvin ISD has been spreading across the State of Texas and I’ve been aware of the great things occurring in the District for quite some time. When the chance to join the Alvin ISD team came available, I jumped at the opportunity. Alvin ISD is a school district that takes pride in providing opportunities for its students. My wife, Dani, and I are extremely excited about having our son exposed to these opportunities.

    Question: As the new Superintendent of Schools, what most excites you about serving the Alvin ISD community?
    Answer: Just that – the community! I think that the sense of community within Alvin ISD is exciting. It’s always exciting to have competition between different campuses, in a multitude of ways; however, I immediately identified that a sense of community is pervasive throughout the entire school district.

    Question: What initially motivated you to become an educator?
    Answer: I always knew that I wanted to have an impact on the future. I worked in multiple areas prior to becoming an educator, and I knew that those experiences weren’t fulfilling to my soul. When I finally made the decision to become a teacher, and saw the impact of building healthy relationships with students, my desire to impact future generations through education was cemented.

    Question: What experiences, both personal and private, have helped you prepare to meet the needs of Alvin ISD’s 20,885 students, and their families?
    Answer: I have been blessed to have experiences working in school districts of various sizes, as well as, opportunities to work in many different areas of public education. However, the experience that I most value is related to developing relationships within the community and establishing open communication with students, parents, businesses and other community members. My priority is to be open and available for conversations that allow me to celebrate the great things taking place in education and also listen to concerns that may exist within the community.

    Question: What message would you like to share with the faculty and staff of Alvin ISD?
    Answer: My greatest desire as a parent, who also happens to be a school person, is for my son to go to school everyday in an environment where the teachers truly know who he is. I believe that based on this understanding, educators are able to design lessons that authentically engage him in learning experiences that will truly impact his life. The desire that I have for my son sums up my educational philosophy because I strongly believe that all parents have the same desire for their children. Also, I would like the faculty and staff to know that we are going to work hard for our students and families, but at the same time we are going to laugh and have fun. They need to know that the superintendent is going to be the first one in the district to rejoice, everyday, because we all have the best jobs in the world!

    Question: What hobbies or activities do you enjoy outside of being a superintendent?
    Answer: I enjoy hunting and fishing, sports of all kinds, cooking and… I have been known to indulge by watching “Boardwalk Empire”.

    Question: What excites your family about moving to the Alvin ISD community?
    Answer: The opportunity to meet new friends and develop relationships has always been a joy for my family. We really like the fact that the Alvin ISD community offers opportunities to get involved and serve in so many different ways.

    Question: What is one additional thing you would like the Alvin ISD community to know about you?
    Answer: I am excited to be here. The opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic community and learning organization is rare. I’m ready to move to the community, roll my sleeves up, and join in on the work.