• The Top 10 on How to Survive Hopkins' Chem Class
    10) At night or first thing in the morning, review what we did in class that day (or the previous day)
    9)  As soon as you walk in the door, turn in any due assignments and get started on the Warmup for the day
    8) Take notes on just about EVERYTHING - not one minute is wasted
    7) Study the vocabulary
    6) If you don't understand something in class, come to tutorials - they're almost every day!
    5)  If you STILL don't understand something in class after tutorials, go to someone else's tutorials!  It won't offend me!
    4)  Regularly check your Google Classroom and Remind for any notifications or assignments
    3) If you're not on Google Classroom or Remind, GET ON THEM.
    2) Regularly check the Hopkins Chem Class Calendar on the website
    1) If you do everything in #s 2-10, you'll be fine!