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    Michelle Reynolds
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    6th Grade, Reading
    6th Grade, English
    Welcome 6th Graders and Parents! We are looking for a wonderful year. I am a graduate of Northwestern State University. Welcome to Fairview Junior High! What an honor to teach your child. Teaching is a calling for me that I love. I began teaching in 1996 and worked most of my career in Texas. I love the Alvin ISD family and enjoy the community here as well. I believe that if you give a student an idea…they will build upon it. Together your child and I will find "what works" to give them confidence and determiniation to make this year successful. I have three children and love to attend local sporting events from baseball to volleyball! Share your ideas with me. It takes all of us to make a great year for your child. My favorite quote is: 

    The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.

    -Linus Pauling

    Independent Reading
    Our goal is to read independently for 100 minutes per week. Students may bring their own novel or check out a favorite book from the library. Happy reading!
    Heartbeat tickets are given to students ofter to praise them for their great smiles and work. Compliments for every child are important to their continued success. Often, I give them notes, write letters home, write emails or make phone calls to parents to share the good news.
    Preparation strategies for the STAAR Tests are part of our classroom "testing" genre. I also offer tutorials: Tuesday, Thursday from 8:05-8:35 and Thursday afternoon from 4:05-5:00. I am happy to help.  
    In our classes, we develop interactive Reading Notebooks that collects the work of each child during the year. From foldables to student manuscripts and journal entries, each one is unique for every child. 
    Read thirty minutes every night. Students are able to check out up to three library books. Any work not completed in class, may be completed at home or in tutorials. Also, each student created a reading goal. Please encourage them to read nightly to meet their personal goals.
    The library is always open for students in the morning and during school. In addition, our classes are scheduled to go every other Monday. Occasionally due to holidays or teacher work days that fall on a Monday, our classes will go the following day. Also, each teacher has a library sign-out pass to encourage students to go to the library. Your child may go, any day, during any class, with teacher permission. Here's to happy reading!! Parents please check out Young Adult Books, also known as YA Books. This will provide examples of the types of books available at the Junior high level. 
    Conference Time
    Please email me to set up a conference time. I am availabe before or after school as well as during third period: 11:30-12:00
    Fairview Junior High School

    Bell Schedule 2019-2020

    8:30 - 8:35 Transition to 1st

    8:35 – 8:40 Announcements

    8:40 – 9:34 1st Period

    9:38– 10:32 2nd Period

    10:36 – 11:30 3rd Period

    11:34 – 1:11 4th Period

    11:30-12:00 “A” Lunch (8th grade)


    12:03 – 12:33 “B” Lunch (7th grade)

    12:36 – 1:06 “C” lunch (6th grade)

    1:15 – 2:09 5th Period

    2:13 – 3:07 6th Period

    3:11 – 4:05 7th Period