•  luna
    Sally Luna
    Phone:281-245- 2701
    E-mail: click here
    Secretary for Mrs. Taylor
    Kee Building 
    Jenicka Joseph
    Phone: 281-245-2698
    E-mail: click here 
    Secretary for Mr. Davis
    A Building 
    Kathy Aven 
    Phone: 281-245-2752
    E-mail: click here 
    Secretary for Mrs. Day
    CM 230 Office
    Sherry Kreft
    Phone: 281-245-2661 
    E-mail: click here 
    Secretary for Mr. Webb
    B Building Office 
    Brenda McCullough
    Phone: 281-245-2696 
    E-mail: click here 
    Secretary for Mr. McFarland
    CM 130 Office 
    Melissa Montemayor 
    Phone: 281-245-2692
    Secretary to Ms. Anderson
    Luke Kennedy 
    Stephanie Brown
    Phone: 281-245-2046
    Secretary to Mrs. Eixman
    CM 130