Homework Expectations

    We will be doing projects every unit! You will also get a more detailed note with the due date when it comes time for each project!


    • All About Me - Poster all about your child


    • Senses - Pictures of my favorite thing to see, hear, smell, touch and taste
    • Emotions - pictures of your child making a happy, sad, angry, fear(scared), and disgusted face!
    • Community Helpers - A community helper will be assigned to your child and they will need to make a poster based on their research!


    • Fire Safety Week - the goal is to have each child visit a fire station and take a picture
    • Fall - be creative and show your class what your favorite thing to do in the fall is


    • Thanksgiving - what your Thanksgiving looks like at your house
    • Fairy Tales - My favorite fairy tale


    • Traditions - My Favorite Family Tradition


    • Polar Habitat - your child will be assigned polar animal to research


    • Math - 100th Day of school
    • Health/Dentist Week - What’s healthy and what’s not healthy for our teeth


    • Farm - Your favorite farm animal
    • Rodeo/Texas - Decorate a Texas Flag


    • Spring - My favorite thing to do in Spring
    • Earth Day Week - 3 things to recycle
    • Space - Create a planet


    • Ocean - My favorite ocean animal
    • Summer - My favorite thing to do/What I’m going to do in the summer