Name:  Rob Moore
                English Language Arts Reading
                and Writing 6th grade; Intro. to                 Computer Science
                     Swimming and Waterpolo
    Campus Phone # 281-585-6626
    Room #: 103
    Attended: University of Houston, San Jacinto College.  
    I teach 1st - 8th period.  My conference is 7th period (3:10 - 4pm)

    About Me:  This is my 22nd  year teaching in the Alvin ISD; all of it at Harby.  I have been coaching Swimming/Warterpolo for 20 years.  Our season is in the fall, starting around Nov. 1st.  I am also the sponser of Harby's Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
    I will be teaching 6th grade English Language Arts - Reading and Writing.  I see these as "Art" - very creative processes.  I will impart and equip the necessary tools and knowledge to help each of my students become great writers and readers.  We will be really focusing on Literacy this year.  I believe if we can learn to comprehend and retain that which we read, learning is much more fun and rewarding.
    I will also be teaching Intro. to Computer Science - a fun project-based course that helps students understand basic principles of Hardware and Software design.  My background is in Career and Technology so I'm looking forward to the class!
    I have lived in the Houston/Alvin/Pearland area my entire life.  I graduated from Lamar High School and was on their swim team.  I have two business degrees:  an Associates of Applied Science in Business from San Jacinto College and a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from the University of Houston.  Before teaching, I spent about 12 years as a Legal Analyst for Shell Oil Co. and Chevron.

    Besides spending time with my great family, I enjoy surfing, playing music (drums, guitar, bass, and ukulele), biking, swimming, golf, disk golf, and triathlons (although I don't care for the running..)  I attend Revolution Church in Pearland and I also serve at Sandy Creek Bible Camp near Brenham.
    We have a lot of fun in my classes - I look forward to many great memories...

    Hi there! Because school will be closing for a while, we will be transitioning to online learning. Google Classroom will be our primary means of communication, instruction, and learning. Rest assured that I am just an email away. I will be checking it often. Please feel free to reach out to me. 

     You will begin to see assignments starting the week of Monday, March 23, 2020. We want to make sure that you are continuing to learn.

    Here are my codes for Google Classroom.  There is one for each class.  Simply open GClassroom, then join with the code and you're in!
    zuled2q         7Read&CT          1st period
     y6a7u2w      7Read&CT          2nd period
    indejlw          6thWRI&CT         3rd period
    andq3h6       6th READ&CT     4th period
     a2hxf2p       7thWRI&CT         5th period
    nuuxvod       7thWRI&CT         6th period
    My "office hours" are daily from 11:00-1:00pm if you have any questions, concerns, etc.  You can always email me.
    Google "Hangouts" info. to follow.