ALVIN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL                      

     Dear Parents;

     In the technological world we live in today, a disturbing practice has emerged that we want you and your child to be aware of, and the consequences associated with it.  The practice is known as sexting.  Sexting is sending or receiving sexually explicit messages on electronic mobile devices.  These images are usually photographs taken with a cellular telephone and distributed to others.  The legal consequences can vary depending on the ages of those involved in the distribution and the age of the individuals in the photographs, not to mention the social, emotional and long term effects of sexting. 

     Counselors, teachers , coaches, directors and other AISD staff will be discussing the issues and consequences of sexting as it is relevant to their class throughout the school year. 

     We are asking that you speak to your child about sexting and the impact sexting may have on their lives.  To give you and your child more information on sexting, we have provided two links on the AISD website.  By simply going to https://www.alvinisd.net  clicking on the parent tab, in the upper right hand corner and scrolling down the left side to sexting information, you can access the links to both sites.

     The first link provides a letter from Greg Abbott, Attorney General, containing information on Senate Bill 407 that addresses the legal consequences of sexting.  https://www.oag.state.tx.us/alerts/alerts_view.php?id=262&type=3

     The second link provides a sexting prevention education program for individuals that defines, gives examples of, and speaks to the legal, emotional, social, and long term consequences of sexting.  The program also addresses how sexting, bullying and harassment can be related and offers a test that your child can take to demonstrate successful completion of the program. 


     Thank you for helping to stop this practice among our youth.  Together we can make a difference in their lives and keep them on the right track. 


    LeRoy Castro                             Karen Chauvin                           Mark Erwin

    Principal                                  Assistant Principal                   Assistant Principal