• I use Google Classroom for nearly all communication outside of the class. Important documents and links that we will use in class will be found there, as well as general announcements. It will also have assingments which are to be completed both in class on provided devices or outside of class as homework. It is essential that students join the appropriate class using the codes below. Any student who does not have access to google outside of school needs to speak with me as soon as possible about making accomodations to complete any assignments. 

  • Copy the code below that corresponds to your class. Click on the link below and enter google classroom. Sign in using your school issued google account and use the code to join the class. 


    AP Literature: 6v6qfs2

    AP Seminar: olmmpa

    Pre AP English II: dn5d3v2


    Google Classroom


  • Parents: only students can join by using their school issued google account, but once they have joined they can give you parent access.