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  • Syllabus

    • Information:

    Mr. Thomas Genovese

    Math Resource: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra Reasoning,

    & Math Models (Please E-mail)

    Phone: 281-245-2226 ext: 4649

    Room: A216

    Conference Period: 2nd period

    Needed Supplies: Students are responsible for all supplies by Friday, 8/30/ 2019

    • #2 Pencils (1 box of 12 minimum)
    • Single Subject Spiral Notebook and 1 Box of tissue


    Each student in Algebra 1, Algebra Reasoning  & Geometry will be offered a textbook and is responsible for it at all times.   


    Grading Policy: The following scale is used for calculating grades for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra Reasoning, & Math Models:

    • Tests 50%
    • Daily Assignments/Quizzes/Vocabulary 50%


    The student will have homework when they need to make-up missing assignments. The student has 3 days to make–up an assignment from the date the teacher informs him/her of the missing assignment. It's the student's responsibility to get their make-up assignments and due dates. If your student has trouble with an assignment, he/she will need to make arrangements to attend tutorials.



    Attendance is important

    •        Missing even one day can put a student behind. Please encourage your student to be in class every day and to be on time. In the event of an absence, it is the student's responsibility to come to me for missed work and/or come to tutorials for help on what was missed.



    If a student makes below a 70 on a major test and it is not the last test of the 9-week period, the student may retake the test. It is the student's responsibility to make necessary arrangements if he/she desires to retest. Tutoring and re-testing must be done within 7 days after the test is graded and returned for review. The maximum grade earned on the retest is a 70. After the retest, the student will receive the higher of the two grades (not to exceed 70).


    Make-Up Work

    Make-up work will be accepted only from students who have an excused absence. It is the student's responsibility to get their make-up assignments and due dates. If the student is present for the unit or chapter material and is absent for the test review, he/she is still required to take the test on the scheduled test day. If the student is absent on a test day, a make-up test will be administered before or after school as instructed by the teacher. The make-up test may or may not be the same test as the one administered on the original test day.


    Late Work

    The assignment is considered late if it is not submitted at the time it is due. Unless otherwise stated, all late work will receive a grade penalty. The table below reflects the maximum percentage of the possible grade the student is to receive for late assignments.

    •         One Day Late - 85%
    •        Two Days Late - 70%
    •        Three Days Late- 50%
    •        After three Days - Teacher's Decision on value of grade.



    Students are encouraged to attend tutorials whenever necessary. During tutorials, a student may get help on a topic he/she does not understand or may get help on a topic missed due to an absence or school activity. Tutorials are also available for students seeking to correct errors on unit/chapter tests and/or to complete make-up work. I hold tutorials in my classroom every:        

    • Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:00 - 3:45


    STARR End of Course

    Students enrolled in 9th grade Algebra 1 take the STARR End of Course (EOC) assessment as part of their graduation requirement.


    Classroom Expectations

           Be on time and ready to work, listen, learn, and participate

           Be respectful of others and their property

           No talking while the teacher is talking

           NO electronic devices are allowed out unless specified by teacher. Devices will be taken up if the student ignores verbal warning (school rule.

           Sit in assigned seating

           Follow all school policies according to the Student Handbook.


    Please return signed Syllabus by Friday 8/30/19