• "One of the many things I enjoy is working with students to help them reach their full potential in the classroom, in mathematics, and as  members of the community.   I will bring to the classroom my joy of learning, my love of mathematics, and my experience using math in the field of drafting and engineering.  Also, my class motto is 'Life is not fair but math is fair'.  When you have an opportunity, ask your student to explain how the motto pertains to our classroom and how it pertains to math."


    Family Picture
    Name:  Ann-Marie Jernigan
    Campus Phone # 281-245-3000 EXT 4253
    Room # CM - 250
    Conference Hours:  4th Period
    University: Stephen F. Austin State University

      Use the following link to connect to math resources sites that are available online https://www.alvinisd.net/Page/16194  Once you reach the page, click on the resources link to open several math sites for high school students.