•   Environmental Systems Class Syllabus



    Kay Ali






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    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  12:05-12:50pm. Wednesdays are Department Meeting and Science Department meetings. Appointments may be made to meet outside of this time frame but be sure to personally contact me.

    TUTORIAL Times: Tuesday (F2F) and Wednesday (AVL) from 3-4pm


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:     Students will accomplish: 1. a better understanding of their global environment, 2.  impact of people on the environment, politics, and economics on a global and local scale, 3. to be able to articulate the needs of conserving natural resource solutions (good and bad consequences), and 4. be able to understand what drives certain behaviors in industrialized and developing countries. The primary objective of the course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of Environmental Systems and their scientific processes.


    It is the right of each student to participate in his or her learning, and it is the responsibility of each student to not interfere with the learning of other students. Policies governing the classroom are provided in the MHS Student Handbook and students who repeatedly violate one or more of these policies will be subject to disciplinary action.  Although the Student Handbook is not provided as part of this syllabus each student is responsible for the information within the handbook.

    Hall Passes/Restroom Breaks:  Per school policy, students will not be allowed to leave the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class.  Requests to visit teachers, go see the counselor, or go to the office will be limited to emergencies.  Students should handle personal business before school, during lunch or after school.  Students entering class late due to one of these issues are required to bring a pass from the adult they were with.  All students will be given permission to use the restroom, one student at a time.  Students who abuse the privilege of restroom breaks will lose the privilege or may receive one of the consequences listed below.
    Classroom Guidelines & Consequences:

    1.  Be on time daily and prepared to work (seated with notebook and writing utensil ready to work)

    2.  Follow ALL directions or instructions given by the person in charge of the class, even the substitute teacher

    3.  Be respectful to all people in the class; this includes their thoughts and ideas

    4.  Use class appropriate language, NO PROFANITY

    5.  Follow all MHS rules, regulations and procedures

    6.  Adhere to the Student Classroom Rules: How do I show Productivity, Respect and Responsibility to my classmates?


       Students who are unable to follow the above guidelines will face the following consequences in order of progression:   
           Step 1:  One-on-one meeting with the teacher after class

    Step 2:  Parent Contact and action plan for improvement

    Step 3: Office Referral

    GRADING POLICY                                                                                              Cell Phones and Electronic Devices:

    Tests----30%--Major Grade                                                                               REFER TO DISTRICT POLICY: Not Seen, Not Heard, so it's Not Taken.

    Labs----70%---Daily Grade                                                                                Mrs. Ali  allows you to charge your phone in designated places.

    Daily Assignments/Participation/Quizzes----70%--Daily Grade               You may place it in your backpack. BUT CAN'T BE SEEN OR HEARD!                                                                                                                    

    Grading Policies:  Specific criteria will be explained for each activity/assignment.  You will earn points for each assignment based on how well you meet these criteria, as well as for the overall quality of your work (e.g., demonstrated critical thinking skills, organization, thoroughness, etc.).  Grades will be updated on a daily/weekly basis to allow parents and students the most up to date progress in the class.  SEE THE AISD SECONDARY GRADING POLICY FOR MINIMUM NUMBER OF GRADES PER NINE WEEKS. 


    Notebooks are a must! They are NOT negotiable in Mrs. Ali's class.  Notebooks will be graded I will supply the notebooks each semester.

    Tutorials:  Tutorials will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday after school from 3:00-4:00pm. If a student needs a different day, they must verify with Mrs. Ali that she will still be available for them.

    Late Work: An assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the time it is due.  All late work will be accepted but will receive a grade penalty of 10% per day (1 day=85, 2 days=70, 3 days=0).         

    Absences/Make-up Work:  Students are responsible for obtaining missed work from the teacher once they return from an absence.  Each student will be asked to copy missed notes from their group member. Labs are not made up but also are not counted against the student if absent. Each student will add one day to the number of days absent to get the number of days they have to turn in make-up work (ex: student absent 2 days, 2 days out + 1 day = 3 days to turn in make-up work). Lab days are not made up due to the extensive set-up for each lab. The student will not be penalized for missing the lab due to absence.


    Members of the Environmrntal Systems team are here to provide assistance and support to our students.  If you feel you need additional support in a specific area feel free to contact me and I will work on whatever you need.