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    Welcome Parents, Students and members of the AISD community! 

    Today more than ever, mathematics is playing a key role in our rapidly changing, highly technological world. Mathematicians are partnering with scientists from other disciplines to solve countless pressing problems in medicine, ecology, economics, business, and social sciences. Through mathematics we can become problem solvers!  

    As a result of the changing times, we have seen a shift in the requirements expected by today’s workforce from high school graduates. In response to the growing need for critical thinkers and flexible problem solvers, we have begun to turn our attention to the implementation of Project Based Learning when possible. Our mathematics teachers educate with the intent to shape life-long learners and motivated individuals, ready for college and careers.

    We are pleased to have a diverse department of mathematics professionals with over 44 mathematics educators. Our High School Mathematics Department faculty hold degrees ranging from B.S., B.A., M.E. and M.S. in concentrations from Mathematics and Economics to Computer Science and Engineering from universities spanning from California to Alabama and as close to home as University of Houston.

    The strength of our department originates in its people, and I look forward to meeting many new faces. Whether you are a student, parent or visitor to Alvin ISD, I wish you a productive year as we work together to continue to develop lifelong learners of mathematics. It is my pleasure to serve as the Alvin ISD High School Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator. It is a pivotal time in education and I am blessed to be a part of the journey! 

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    Cheryl Kerr, M.Ed., Ed.D 23'
    High School Mathematics
    Curriculum Coordinator