• Chapter 5

    Jamestown               New Netherlands               Williamsburg
    Pilgrims                    Puritans                            Mayflower Compact
    Magna Carta            Indentured Servant            New Spain
    New France



    Chapter 6

    Triangular Trade               Mid Atlantic Colonies           New England Colonies
    Souther Colonies              Bill of Rights 1689                House of Burgesses
    Great Awakening              Mercantilism                        Atlantic Slave Trade
    New England
    Chapter 7
    French and Indian War           Proclamation Line of 1763     Boston Massacre 1770
    Sugar Act                                Stamp Act                             Boston Tea Party
    Lexington and Concord           Valley Forge                           Intolerable Acts
    Declaration of Independence   Unalienable Rights                Battle of Saratoga
    Battle of Yorktown
    Chapter 8
    Articles of Confederation          Northwesty Ordinance      Shay's Rebellion
    Constitutional convention        Great Compromise           Three-Fifths Compromise
    Republicanism                         Federalism                       Checks and Balances
    Popular Soverignty                   Limited Government         Amendment
    Ratification                              Federalists                        Anti-Federalists 
    Federalists Papers 
    Chapter 9
    Bill of Rights               First Amendment             Due Process of Law
    Double Jeopardy         Search Warrent                Fourteenth Amendment
    Second Amendment    Third Amendment             Fourth Amendment
    Fifth Amendment        Sixth Amendment             Seventh Amendment
    Eighth Amendment     Ninth Amendment            Tenth Amendment
    Chapter 10
    Cabinet                                Hamilton's Financial Plan               Political Parties
    Democratic-Republicans      Federalists                                      Protective Tariff
    French Revolution                Proclamation of Neutrality              Whiskey Rebellion
    Farwell Address                   Industrial Revolution                       National Road
    Louisiana Purchase             Marbury vs Madison                        Embargo Act
    War of 1812                         Lowell System                                 Era of Good Feelings
    Missouri Compromise          Monroe Doctrine
    Chapter 11
    Battle of New Orleans               Common Man                          Spoils System
    Jacksonian Democracy             Indian Removal Act                 Worchester vs Georgia
    Trail of Tears                             Nullification Crisis                  Mass Produced
    Interchangable Parts                 Second Great Awakening         Abolitionists
    Seneca Falls Convention           Temperance Movement
    Chapter 12
    Manifest Destiny                   Annexation of Texas                Mexican-American War
    Gadsden Purchase               Mexican Cession                       Nat Turner Rebellion
    Sectionalism                         Uncle Tom's Cabin                   Civil Disobedience
    Transcendentalism               Underground Railroad              States Rights
    Dred Scott v Sandford          Kansas-Nebraska Act                Popular Soverignty
    Republican Party                  Lincoln-Douglas Debates
    John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry
    Chapter 13
    Election of 1860  Confederat States of America  Lincoln's 1st Inaugrial Address
    Fort Sumter         Battle of Antietam                  Emancipation Proclamation
    Battle of Gettysburg   Gettysburg Address          Battle of Vicksburg
    Election of 1864    Lincoln's 2nd Inaugrial Address    Appomattox Courthouse
    Chapter 14
    Reconstruction                     Black Codes                           Freedman's Bureau
    Radical Republicans            Civil Rights Act                       Thirtheen Amendment
    Fourteenth Amendment       Fifteenth Amendment             Carpetbaggers
    Scalawags                           Sharecropping                        Homestead Act
    Morrill Act                             Transcontinental Railroad      Dawes Act