Contracts Pursuant of Subsection 44.031(f)
    Professional Services


    These type of contracts are exempt for Purchasing, Procurement  Proposal Bidding Procedures.  This subsection addresses the procurement of professional services, including architects, attorneys, CPAs, engineers and fiscal agents.


    Though not referenced directly within the first sentence of the section, Texas Government Code (“TGC”) 2254.002 provides, in addition to the services mentioned, a list of professional services that include landscape architects, land surveyors, physicians, surgeons, optometrists, state certified or state licensed real estate appraisers and registered nurses.


    Professional services are delivered by an independent contractor (individual, entity, or firm) that offers its services to the public. Such services are paid on a fee basis for specialized services that are usually considered to be temporary or short-term in nature, normally in areas that supplement the expertise of your organization. 


    Alvin ISD also considers the following consultants exempt from procurement proposal bidding procedures as part of 44.031(f):


    • Architects
    • Attorneys
    • Certified Public Accountants
    • Engineers
    • Surveyors  



    Alvin ISD Clarification of Qualifications include, but are not limited to:


    •   Must hold a License or Registration with the State of Texas
    •   Attach verification of Qualifications as Backup
    •   Must have a Degree in the field of Services rendered


    When Federal Funds will be used to procure Services, a multi-year agreement is not authorized.



    Please be advised, Alvin ISD has a specific process for validating contracts that must be followed to ensure payment.  Please make sure the District representative with whom you are negotiating this contract has complied with all Alvin ISD procedures to ensure this contract is properly authorized.  Failure to do so may significantly delay payment(s) or invalidate the contract and no payment shall be made for these services.

    Incomplete documents will be returned and will delay processing of the Agreement.  All Agreements must be approved by the Purchasing Department, signed by both parties, and have an approved purchase order (P.O.) in place before services can be rendered and invoices can be submitted to the District for payment.  


    **  If the annual agreement is below the $75,000.00 threshold, upon completion of signatures, send both original copies to Purchasing for processing.  Purchasing will return a copy to the originator, release the agreement and vendor numbers for processing a purchase order and payment of vendor. 


     ***  If the agreement exceeds $75,000.00 annually, Board approval is required.  TIME SENSITIVE! A cover letter from the Principal/Director with the original copy of the agreement signed by their immediate supervisor should then be sent to the Contracts Manager, Jennifer Ortiz, for procecssing.  A copy of the letter and agreement will be sent to the originator for Board Approval.  Upon approval Purchasing will release the vendor number to process the Purchase Order.  Purchasing will not release paperwork for vendor and payment setup until action by the Board has been taken.


    If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Ortiz, Contract Specialist at 281-824-0567 or via e-mail at jortiz@alvinisd.net




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